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Green Room Exhibitions

By The Black Box

Recently we held an open call for online exhibitions and we had an overwhelming amount of strong applications and want to thank every single person for submitting to it!

As we where so impressed with the work we got we thought we would share the artists who submitted so you can support them and their practise

Check them out here:


Marcus Nodwell

My Northern Irish roots act as a foundation for investigating my identity as an artist. By exploring the representation of masculinity in today’s social climate, I use mixed media and layering techniques to establish a depiction of the human figure. I use my art practice as a research tool to demonstrate freedom, open-mindedness and social commentary, while carefully depicting my own artistic journey. I draw inspiration specifically from Jean – Michel Basquiat, Willem de Kooning and Alberto Giacometti, in order to fully establish my own unique vision.



Fergus Wachala-Kelly

I’m an illustrator currently based in Belfast. I tend to create images that are bold, obscure and surreal. Using bright vibrant colours and surreal imagery allows me to playful in the way I approach art.”






Kerrie Illustrates

My work focuses on all things illustrative from art prints, stationary to hand painted ceramic pieces. I have a distinct style of  using bold colours and patterns throughout my work. This is heavily inspired by the world around us, plants, nature, landscapes, travelling (basically everything I have an interest in!) Only in the past year I have really defined the type of work I produce but this is forever changing as I love to try new things and experiment.



Online Shop:




Rachel Davey

I am a ceramics artist based in West Belfast that makes a wide variety of animal sculpture and quirky homeware. I am also available for private commissions if you wish to having something bespoke.












Leigh Lowry

I am a creative based in Belfast. I love to work with spray paints and gouache to make psychedelic space paintings of primarily insects with large planetary backgrounds. I really love making the contrast between super tiny creatures and the hugeness of space. Recently I’ve been writing pieces and finding information about the creatures in my art and the impact they have on the world. This process has been really interesting to see how even a little thing like a beetle can affect such a big place like Earth. My work can be found @leighoops on Instagram and is open to commissions through direct message there.


Connor Tennyson

Makes comic-art that parodies various fandoms and games


Roisin McCrory

Currently owns an art & craft business in Belfast, but when a national lockdown occurred due to Covid, she used the opportunity of having more free time to revisit past skills as a watercolor artist, producing a family ‘lockdown’ visual diary of watercolor paintings of her family & other pandemic related subjects in a body of work to be exhibited later in 2021. You can find her on Facebook at:


Michelle Wilson

Specialises in realistic artwork of animals and the natural world around her. You can see more of her work on her website and social media accounts.


Lise McGreevy

McGreevy is exhibiting her collection, Psychedelic, Hitchcock Beffast, as an online exhibition with The Belfast Barge from 1st-31st March. A special launch tour of the exhibition and this historic ship shall take place online. Born and bred in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and a former photojournalist; Lise McGreevy returned to her art roots 7 years ago to create her present practice as a Documentary Visual Artist. McGreevy has always had 2 careers which she considered as vocations; Journalism, as it gave her an opportunity to give others a voice and also highlight important human interest issues and current affairs, and Visual Arts, as creating art was so fundamental to her core make-up.















Jordain Molloy Gillen

Living in a world full of stars and a spectrum of colour, Jordain Molloy Gillen is an artist and designer, based in Northern Ireland, in​ spired by love, magic, a​ strology, mythology and storytelling. Creating work which tells a story or reflects on a particular moment in time, he has a dreamlike vision in which he likes to work with, using processes that incorporate colour, golden shine and illusionistic qualities, offering something you can only imagine from a dream. Everything he creates is special to him as it holds a concept, meaning or story which is personal or has inspired him as an artist and as a person. A magical form of escapism from everyday life.


Keith Sheppard

Based in Moyallan, Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland established his glass art studio in 2012. The business specialises in the production of kiln formed glass art and focuses on the development of high-end bespoke functional and non – functional pieces. His work predominantly involves the infusion of metals into glass; and this process gives each piece a further dimension of uniqueness and identity with enhanced vibrant colourations.



Judith Guiney

I am a young sculpture student and illustrator working from Belfast, specializing in ceramics. I enjoy working with a wide variety of materials and subjects, but all my works tend to stem from the theme of nature. I paint landscapes, throw clay and transform household objects into models of living creatures, all of which are imbued with a sense of whimsy, a twist on old formulas.


Alana McDowell

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator from Belfast. I work across a number of different mediums and creative sectors from digital to mural work, but the thing I’m most passionate about is illustration – small or large. I have a keen interest in pop-culture and current affairs which I like to try and incorporate into my pieces, and I love to use my freehand drawing skills to add a rebellious edge to campaigns and branding. You can expect heavy line work, bold type and stark contrasting colours from my work.
Brands I have worked with include Jameson, Vans, WWF and Schwarzkopf among others.

I create prints and am open for both commercial and independent commissions 🙂
You can find more of my work on my instagram – or website
And you can commission work or buy from my site –


Kelly Morrison

I am a Belfast based Illustrator who creates colourful, fun, scribbly illustrations and GIFs. My work intends to make people smile and feel understood. Nature and animals inspire me most. I mainly use a tablet to create my work although I also love scribbling in sketchbooks.


Charlie Mallon

Irish artist Charlie Mallon has created a collection of bronze sculptures inspired by the symbols and stories of the Ancient Celts.

Mallon Ireland – Irish Bronze Sculpture, Celtic Legends and Artwork

Bronze Sculpture


Marianna Mooney

My work involves storytelling: I love illustrating and designing any sort of visual that someone may be able to see themselves in or just lose themselves within.


Rozzi Kennedy

My practice is rooted in painting – the subjects which influence my work are the environment, its people and the positive impact creativity has on wellbeing and instagram is @rozzikennedy.


Yohanes Soubirius De Santo


Katharine Paisley

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, who primarily works in paint. Drawing on the theory of Anthropocene as my main subject of research, my work explores themes that demand urgency and which highlight a lack of control; such as nuclear weapon launches and the passing of youth


instagram- @katharinepaisleyart


Caitie Smyth

I’m an illustrator and designer from Belfast who is currently based in London. I work mainly digitally, and my work is inspired by femininity and nature. You can find my prints here and find me on instagram @caitiebeth.illustration


Sofia Erto

I am an Italian-German photographer, who has been taking pictures for about ten years now. I have already been featured in different art magazines and had small personal

and group exhibitions in Berlin, Freiburg, Milan, Rome, Trieste and Mönchengladbach. My preferred genre is street photography. What keeps me doing it, is the fear of forgetting

what I have seen or felt. I use this mechanical eye as my artificial memory.


Instagram: @otreaifos (Sofia Erto (@otreaifos) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos)

Website: Sofia Erto Photography – Sofia Erto (

Flickr: Sofia Erto Sofia Erto | Flickr


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