The Green Room Exhibitions:  Ariana Lupascu

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Visual Arts

The Green Room Exhibitions:  Ariana Lupascu.


7 September, 2023


Exhibition Launch at 6pm



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LOVE DOVES is a solo exhibition by printmaker & muralist Ariana Lupascu focused on the unmatched, psychedelic 90s rave scene in the United Kingdom. Featuring illustrations and animation – all printed on a risograph printer, the exhibition highlights the introduction of the Criminal Justice & Public Order Act of 1994 which cut down on the raw, unfiltered sounds that were “wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats”.

The Criminal Justice & Public Order Act of 1994 introduced a number of changes to the law, most notably in the restriction & reduction of pre-existing rights, clamping down on unlicensed raves, and bigger penalties for behaviours that were deemed “anti-social”.  

This act was introduced by Michael Howard, former leader of the Conservative party during 2003 and Home Secretary during 1993 until 1997. Michael Howard is featured in one of the artworks displayed, featuring a quote from The Prodigy, “How can the government stop young people from having fun? Fight this bollocks.” 

About the artist:

Ariana Lupascu is a Northern Irish printmaker, illustrator & muralist. Based in the heart of County Antrim, her work encompasses loud, vibrant & textured shapes & colours most of which resemble a cat. Some of her work also takes a stab at the state of British & Northern Irish politics, bridging the connection between the younger generation and outdated, segregated views on politics. She hopes to bring a fresh voice to the table, by drawing cats & poking fun at politicians in a way that challenges the way that people think.

Her work is unusual and quirky, straddling the lines between traditional art and digital art by incorporating the textures and restricted colour palettes from classic printing techniques like screenprinting and risography. Her work has been displayed in various places in Northern Ireland; most notably a mural outside of Artcetera studio in the heart of Belfast.

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