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By The Black Box
Due to the venue being temporarily closed, not only can we not have amazing shows & events but we are also unable to have our regular exhibitions in The Green Room. In response, we have moved our exhibitions online and will feature each monthly artist on our website and social media including an Instagram takeover on our account (@theblackboxbelfast)

Exhibition details here-

This February we have been so thrilled to have Moon Base Projects involved with the NI Science Festival

Thank you to everyone part of Moon Base Projects, for being one of our online exhibiting artists and sharing your beautiful work with us. And here is a mini-interview/blog from some them!


Matthew Calderwood:

Matthew is extremely impressed with the online exhibition!

Matthew creates his Artwork by using different colours and trying to match them as best he can. Matthew likes to watch documentaries and get some inspiration from them to draw.

Matthews favourite materials to use are pencils and pens. Matthew has also used dried flowers to paint, he dried some out and bunched them together and then dipped them into water. Matthew liked this as it gave a natural look when he put it to paper.

Matthews favourite place to create Art is with a group.

Matthew enjoys experimenting and likes to make his own style when using colours. Matthew likes to be unique. Matthew likes to explore with colours and shapes when making Art.

Matthews thoughts on the Biodiversity Map and the postcards are that they are very good. Matthew likes that the map includes pictures that each group member has designed. And the map shows Northern Ireland but if a member from the group looks at the map it tells more stories that a stranger could tell from the map.

Matthew enjoys the sessions with Moon Base and enjoys seeing all of his friends on Zoom.

Sarah McConnell:
Here is a recording of Sarah talking about her work and process!

How do you create your Art?

When I am out and about in the car, I sometimes see things I would like to draw. I live beside Dundonald graveyard and I like to draw the trees and flowers in there


What are your favourite materials to use?

I always have my sketchbook and pencils with me


What do you enjoy most about Art?

I like drawing living things, animals, trees and plants.


What are your thoughts on maps and postcards?

The difference between the land and sea is very good. The animal and bird shapes are very clear.


Any other feelings about your work?

I liked working as a team with my friends. I loved the walks in the park with the volunteers and the talks by the man from the Belfast Hills group.

Robert Kane:
1. How do you create your Art?
Generally in a state of disorganisation, materials and tools in a huge spill in front of me. I like to have everything close and in reach, but it can take up a lot of space! I will try to get as relaxed as I can before starting, stick on some great tunes, turn my mind off, and get into it. Sometimes it can be frustrating when something is not working as I had liked, so I take a deep breath, walk away from the piece and come back to it with a fresh perspective.
2. What are your favourite materials?
I had used to be a graphic designer, and did a lot of work with Photoshop, but I really love creating tactile, physical things. In this respect, my favourite materials are water colours, or black pen sketches, all on paper or card. I’m trying to encourage myself to become more familiar with different techniques and mediums, it’s a slow process, but fun!
3. Where is your favourite place to create, draw or paint?
Anywhere that is warm and dry! But I find that I am more creative if I have a space that isn’t in my house. In the current climate, my favourite space to create is my kitchen, there’s a table to work on, with quick access to the kettle, and snacks!
4. What do you enjoy most about Art?
That you can create absolutely anything you can think of. There are not many opportunities in life where you can be abstract, surreal, serious or silly in such a free way. I think that if you love the art that you create, the opportunity to think a little differently comes to you in other aspects of life. From there, we can consider anything an art form.
5. What are your thoughts on the final Biodiversity Map and postcards?
The map and postcards are absolutely beautiful! It was such a pleasure to work on these with Moonbase and Kerrie Hanna. The final products are a wonderful testament to the hard work that everyone has put into this venture, and the map serves as a lovely reminder of working together as Moonbase on a wonderful and educational project
6. Any other thoughts or feelings about your work?
I feel I can be quite critical of myself, so I am always refining, practicing, and trying to learn new things. Seeing this exhibition being put together, and working with everyone involved has been such a joy, as I don’t think I have had any of my drawings or paintings displayed since secondary school!


Seonaid Murray:

I love to paint, especially with bright colours and lots of layers of paint!

My favourite materials are paint and oil pastels.

I love to paint outside in nice weather or inside with a nice cup of tea!

I also love painting in a big group of friends – like at Moon Base Projects!

I think the thing I enjoy most about Art is the freedom of expression – you can express yourself in any colour, shape, or texture!

I think the Biodiversity Map is a gorgeous example of collaborative Art Making! The mix of drawings, ideas, animals, and plants that the group saw in real life and also imagined are really interesting to look at. The postcards are a lovely memento of the project and will be really useful for sending out Moon Base Projects updates!

I feel really happy when I am creating something and content. I have a very vivid imagination and I love exploring different artistic ideas!


Creating the Moon Base Biodiversity Map has been a lot of fun and the group have produced some brilliant drawings! You can buy an A3 limited edition copy of the biodiversity map which comes with a set of six beautiful postcards highlighting some of the amazing plants, animals and insects we found!

Buy the print and postcards set £15

All proceeds go directly to supporting our continued work on Moon Base Projects.

General donations to support The Black Box can be made via our #SaveOurVenues Crowdfunder

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