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Hola, Bienvenidos/as a mi experiencia en Black Box/Moon Base

By The Black Box

We are very happy to welcome our new EVS Volunteer to Moon Base Iman! We are so excited to see what she brings to the project.  Here she is talking about herself and what she hopes to achieve with her time In Moon Base!

‘My name is Iman, I come from Spain and am the new EVS (European Volunteer Service) for the Moon Base Project and The Black Box 2019-2020.

I want to introduce myself by explaining why I am here in Belfast. I have just finished my degree studies (English Studies) at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. I like languages and learning about other cultures and different lifestyles.

Firstly, I came in touch with Ireland through my Woofing experience, a volunteering programme for people who want to learn about organic farming. I spent two summers in a farm at Cashel, Tipperary. I really enjoyed my time at the farm and I practised different tasks such as planting, weeding, watering, gardening maintenance, packing among many others. During my stay in Ireland, I visited several places around Ireland and I met people from different countries.

My experience in Ireland led me to think about joining a volunteering programme for one year in an English speaking country. I joined the European Solidarity Corps and I saw the placement of the Moon Base/ Black Box in Belfast, a project for and by people with learning disabilities. I had no doubts about applying for it since in my hometown I volunteered for one year in a very similar association and I can describe it as the best experience of my life. It is an opportunity that helped me to open my mind, exchange different worldviews and learn more about the others.
Consequently, I chose Belfast because I am sure it would strongly enrich my future studies and help me in my prospective career.

In this moment I have only been in Belfast for one week and I have already started my volunteering placement. During this week, different artistic activities are organized in order to have fun and for everyone to enjoy (Monday walk, creating connections on Tuesday, Moon Music on Thursdays and Feel Free Fridays). I met most of the group members and they are really fantastic and most of the people here are nice and welcoming. I also took part on a speed dating and it was amazing, a creative way to know each other and at the same time have fun with some of the jokes. Most of the time I will be in the Moon Base, a very colourful space full of art, music and energy. In the Black Box, I will participate in activities such as The Black Moon and Mini Moon, two events that take place once a month.

Regarding my life in Belfast, I have already visited the most significant places in the city and I have met other European volunteers, who work in different projects. I also participated in the GoGlobal week at Queen’s University. Some volunteers and I went to promote our experience and our volunteering programme to different people who attended the event. It is also worth mentioning that at first it was hard to understand people due to the accent of Belfast but since I am really interested in the different varieties of English, I really feel that it will become easier and I will really end up adapted.

Although I have been here for a brief period of time, I am eager to continue my placement in Belfast since I am sure that my experience would be extremely exciting and valuable for both my studies and general development.



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