EVS- A Big Wave from Spain

Published on: April 9, 2020

Our EVS Volunteer Iman is still continuing to help programme and participate in our Moon Base projects over the internet from Spain!

‘A big wave from Spain to The Black Box and Moon Base team.

Due to the global circumstances, the month of March marked a real change for all of us. On the 17th of March I felt that I have to go back to Spain to be with my family. Everything happened so quickly that there was no time to think, only to act and follow what I wanted. Those days were quite difficult for me but I can say that I am really happy that I took that decision and I am sure everyone during these moments would like to be with their relatives or with their closest people.

First of all, I can say that I am really thankful to the Black Box team for the support, understanding and help provided during those difficult times. The Black Box and especially my Moon Base team are a source of admiration for all the work, values, ideas, enthusiasm, and energy which helps to create an amazing community where everyone is important.


Our Moon base activities are carried out online through Zoom App. At first it was an unfamiliar method for us and we needed some time to understand how it works. However, now we become familiar with it and it’s amazing to see all of us through the screen and being able to talk, share our thoughts, feelings and of course to continue working on the sessions. The women’s Carers Project with fantastic sessions like dance and movement, song writing, poetry, music. I enjoy meeting all the group, not only because we can see each other but also because all of us are full of creativity, improvisations, ideas and enthusiasm to keep the sessions. Creating Connections, with activities like ‘poetry’, ‘singing’, ‘kite making’, ‘Cartoon making’, ‘meditation’ is really creative and it’s fantastic being able to do it. Moon Music through zoom, a really innovative way to practice music with some instruments that we have at home or only being able to listen and join in is incredible. We are far from each other but at the same time we are all connected and united and this is our community and it’s amazing!!!


To conclude, this month has been different for all of us but I can say that it’s nice to see everyone from Spain and glad that we can keep all the activities. I miss all Moon Base Team and I am looking forward to meet them again !’


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