The Green Room Exhibitions: Juste Bernotaite

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Visual Arts

The Green Room Exhibitions: Juste Bernotaite.


6 July, 2023


Exhibition Launch at 6pm



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My name is Juste and I am a Lithuanian painter based in Belfast. My practice combines exploration of history of my motherland, Lithuania, as well as personal experiences growing up in it. I try to entwine events- histories from past or present fantasies that came from dreams, nostalgia and fear- within the same landscape that I remember growing up. I try to bring the history and personal memories to the present, with the use of textured surfaces, heavy layers of paint and fluid, chaotic brushstrokes. The specifically prepared surfaces and thick paint help me manifest the vague past to something material and real, something having a presence of its own- a history, seducing viewers to come closer and get lost in the work itself.

Exhibition Launch on 6th July, as part of Late Night Art. Free admission.

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