The Green Room Exhibitions – Farhad O’Neill

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Visual Arts

The Green Room Exhibitions – Farhad O’Neill.


4 January, 2024


Exhibition Launch from 6-9pm



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Automatic Writing by Farhad O’Neill 

Exhibition description from the artist:

This is an exhibition of abstract typography/calligraphy based upon music.  This style of drawing/writing is an interpretation of musical line/gesture and structure as it applies from monophonic and polyphonic music.  This body of work was initially intended as an exercise to improve my hand to eye, and ear to eye coordination, and to assist me in reductive carving, but over the years it morphed into it’s own unique genre with applications in drawing/illustration/mural work/projections/printmaking.  This body of work is the result of 12 years of drawing in this stream of conscious style, in Toronto, between 2007 and 2019.  I ended up with a huge corpus of work, which I began to curate in 2019. 

The work is abstract.  It is an example of Absolute Art, in the same way that Bach would be an absolute music in the chamber music genre.  Overall the style of drawing looks eastern, but it is culturally non specific.  The types of music which I drew too included classical european chamber music, electronic music, jazz music, symphonic music for opera and ballet, and others.

Exhibition launch as part of Late Night Art on 4th January, and on display in the Green Room for the month of January.

Open 5pm to 11pm, Thursday to Saturday, until 31st January.

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