The Green Room Exhibitions – Ana Fish

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Visual Arts

The Green Room Exhibitions – Ana Fish.


1 February, 2024


On display across the month of February



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Artist bio and exhibition description from the artist:

As a child growing up in post-Soviet Russia, I often felt at odds with the crowd. The music I enjoyed was loud, the movies lurid and the art evocative. I have always found myself attracted to excess, maximalism, and the free expression of the grotesque and outlandish.

An upbringing in such a conservative state only served to supercharge these interests and ensured that my style as an artist would always be one that set out to break the mold.

My technique was further solidified when I discovered street art as a medium. I felt it brought my creations to life with a texture and scale I never imagined. It also featured an unpredictability, a lack of ownership which allowed me to become less precious as an artist. To embrace the act itself rather than to obsess over the outcome.

My debut solo exhibition features a range of works that explore themes of the human body, motherhood, and self-acceptance. All within a grotesque and humorous style. 

With a manic glee, we depict the messy and monstrous quirks of our bodies, our reproduction, and our biased self-perceptions to better find the delight, laughter, and personality within.  

We all have an ugly animal within us, something made of gases and fats and fluids and the sooner we can view it with joy, the sooner we can learn to love it.

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