Amadan Ensemble presents The Readiness is all (Theatre Works Fest NI)

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Theatre, Spoken Word & Science

Amadan Ensemble presents The Readiness is all (Theatre Works Fest NI).


13 January, 2024


Doors 2.15PM Event Start 2.30PM



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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation! How do you feel before an audition, rehearsal or performance?  What hinders or holds you back from doing your best work? In this acting workshop we will address the blocks an actor experiences in their work – the Anxiety, Fear and Tension. Through the principle of Play and various acting techniques and exercises the aim is to free the actor`s mind and body and let them experience a freedom in their performance and to re-connect to themselves and their joy of acting.

Working physically with a speech you will experience the essential skills on how to Centre the actor and create a State of Readiness for the work and to bring a sense of Ease and Confidence, so you the actor can release your potential and allow you to be present and create a performance that is alive through Play.

Are you ready to work…?

Kieran trained as an Actor and an Actor Trainer and Coach at The Central School of Speech which offered a comprehensive classical and contemporary training. He has worked as an actor in theatre, film, television, and radio. As an Actor Training and Coaching he has worked at the Lyric Theatre, Drama Schools, various Universities and coaches’ professional actors. His work offers techniques from Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov, Meisner and Acting for Camera.  His work empowers the actor by using their imagination and physically working through the body to release the imagination and embody the text.

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