Amadan Ensemble presents ‘The Process Belong to the Artist’ (Theatre Works Fest NI)

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Theatre, Spoken Word & Science

Amadan Ensemble presents ‘The Process Belong to the Artist’ (Theatre Works Fest NI).


13 January, 2024


Doors 10 am Event Start 10.15 am



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In this workshop Mary-Ellen will explore how to approach text, how we learn, how to hold your own in a professional space, audition process and text work.  It will be Fun and will involve, group exercises, performance, learning lines and will leave all participants feeling… ‘Why not me?’

“I am a huge believer that we have the talent in N.I that is unparalleled elsewhere, our voice, our look, our sense of humour and the ability to tell stories is just in built! I love actors of all ages and in these classes I want to create a fun space to play within a structured class to help our actors/participants move forward no matter what their level.” – Mary-Ellen O’Hara

Mary-Ellen trained as an actor and spent the first 10 years of her professional career navigating the stage and screen working as an actor.

Her passion for casting came about in the active and diverse Northern Irish Short film scene. From Cathy Brady’s, ‘Wasted’, Stacey Gregg’s ‘Mercy’, Andrea Harkin’s ‘The Party’ (BAFTA Nominated) to Mike Lennox’s ‘Boogaloo & Graham’ (BAFTA Winner & Oscar Nominated), Mary-Ellen has been championed for her contribution towards finding, working with and continuing to develop new and emerging talent.

Mary-Ellen worked with Carla Stronge Casting from 2015 – 2022, working across film and television, including ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Derry Girls’, ‘The Dig’ ‘Doing Money’ ‘My Mother & Other Strangers’ ‘Ups & Downs’ ‘The Secret’ ‘Stuck’, ‘Krypton’ ‘Pack of Lies’ and a very exciting new animated series for Apple tv that comes out later this year.

Since going out on her own she has been working across some really exciting films, ‘Joy to the World’, ‘The Golden West’, ‘Far Away’, ‘The Wise Guy’ and ‘The Dead from the Sea’ ‘Puffin Rock S3’ as Casting Director and as performance coach on ‘Joy to the World’.

She has always created a safe space for actors to work, not only believing that any good production stands upon its treatment of all creatives, but that this is also the most creatively rewarding way to work with this in mind she has trained and has been working as an Intimacy Practitioner, a vital part of her casting process and with this new string to her bow she focuses on arming our actors with the tools to move forward in their career. She is also an acting coach and loves working with actors and creatives in preparation for work or on set, which she encourages safe practice, process of wellbeing, performance and open clear communication. Mary-Ellen is a big believer in daily learning and practice. Our industry is forever evolving and pushing forward and with that we must all be striving to move with it.

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