Problem Patterns | Pink Pound | Strange New Places

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Problem Patterns | Pink Pound | Strange New Places.


15 March, 2023





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Everyone’s favourite local riot punk outfit Problem Patterns return to the Black Box for a joint headline with Glasgow-based genre-bending artist Pink Pound & Strange New Places.


Pink Pound (Andrew Milk – Shopping, Current Affairs) is known for playing in post-punk bands as well as performing in drag at queer clubs and festivals across the UK. Milk has long worked as a sound, performance and visual artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. The bedroom electronic pop album “Cottage Industry” is his first full length release as a solo artist. Milk creates a kaleidoscopic landscape of fist pumping Hi-NRG gay disco and introspective bedroom pop that explores identity, power dynamics and joyful connection found within queer spaces both physical and intangible. The music was best described by one fan recently as “The Yassification of New Order”.


Self-proclaimed 50% gay 50% rage instrument-swapping DIY riot-punkers Problem Patterns need no intro. Known for their unique yet classically-punk style of catharsis and venting, both lyrically and in performance, they tackle everything from personal frustrations to political distress – and what a lot they’ve to work with at the moment. Mostly, Problem Patterns aim to create a space of inclusivity and hope, for both themselves and their audience.

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