Outburst: David Hoyle – Ten Commandments

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Theatre, Spoken Word & Science

Outburst: David Hoyle – Ten Commandments.


11 November, 2022


Show starts at 9PM



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duration: 90mins

age guidance: strictly 18+

Beloved Outburst patron saint and avant guardian David Hoyle makes a prophetic return to Belfast with his new theatre show Ten Commandments, combining captivating stage performance with lacerating social commentary.

Rioting the wrongs of contemporary Britain, Ten Commandments promises to rebalance all the inequities and injustices that surround us.

In a lighthearted antidote to the rat-infested dystopia in which we currently find ourselves, David returns the Garden of Eden to its natural state free from nuclear weapons, landfills and perpetual burning forests.

We welcome you, the congregation, to liberate yourselves and others in a thermonuclear explosion of love and also hope for what remains of the 21st century.

Please note that this is a seated theatre show, so there will be no late admissions.

Director Mark Whitelaw

Producer & Dramaturg Jayne Compton

Visuals & Photography Lee Baxter

Music Richard Torry

Costume John Krausa & Rick Owens

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