Online Exhibition- Patrick Colhoun

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Visual Arts

Online Exhibition- Patrick Colhoun.


15 August, 2022





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‘Non Lethal Force’ Ceramic, hosiery, rubber, threaded rod, cap nut. 2021

Originally trained as a ceramicist, Patrick Colhoun’s practice is now
multi-disciplinary with sculptures and installations combining
ceramic with unconventional materials such as hosiery,
neon, latex, and piercings.
The use of materials such as Meccano hark back to childhood and
lead pellets from shotgun cartridges keep the dark side of Colhoun’s
work alive. Both also strengthen the influence of memory that runs
throughout the artist’s work.
The unconventional approach reinforces an early decision by the
artist to move away from ceramics with a traditional craft approach to
a version of what the artist terms ‘Anti Ceramics’.
Recent work has focused on the notion that the making process has
become a thing that helps the artist function with everyday life and
that the idea of having a project ongoing is integral to the artist’s
wellbeing. The extension of this is the realization that people use
many different things to help them cope with everyday life.
The duality in the titles of many pieces allow the viewer
to make their own mind about the meaning, they can be
positive and reassuring or negative and oppressive.

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