Online Exhibition-IN JUXTAPOSITION

Published on: March 1, 2021

November 4, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – November 28, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

IN JUXTAPOSITION is collaborative body of work between textile artist Sarah
Cathers and Contemporary jeweller/maker Rosie Elwood. By combining individual
practices, the project pushes the boundaries of making and thinking, through
exploring instinct and response to found objects.

Rosie Elwood, Jeweller
I am an emerging contemporary artist, concerned with found objects and story telling.
Increasingly, I am interested in exploring the boundaries between body and object.
“I’ve been working on a collaborative project with textile artist Sarah Cathers. We’ve
been using a selection of found objects to create a collection of wearable and non
wearable pieces. We embarked on this project to gain experience working with
different materials as well as experience working collaboratively. During this project
we both attended the artists talk held by Goldsmiths in which Sturt Cairns, Jo Pond
and Zoe Arnolds. Which discussed the use of found objects in jewellery making. We
are hoping to submit the collection to open calls as well as exploring any opportunity
to have the work exhibited. This project has been both great and a little unusual. It
has been different to navigate working with each other, without meeting in person.
But wonderful to have the joint purpose during lockdown.”


Sarah Cathers, Textile Artist
A collector of oddities with an urge to document and preserve the forgotten.
Driven by the process of fragmentation, I gather pieces of found objects with the
incentive to mend and rebuild the broken and repurpose the discarded.
I work with a wide range of materials and methods, responding to each individual
object differently.
“I have been working alongside jeweller Rosie Elwood, to create a collaborative body
of work based on instinct and response to found objects. Rosie explores past and
present through materials in her work. Similarily to me, she works across disciples
exploring the relationship between humans and objects but is more experienced in
metals and wearables. We combined our skills and materials, challenging ourselves
to respond to objects selected by each other; A process which was new to both of

us. Through our response, we have curated a collection of 11 wearable and non-
wearable pieces. The project developed during lockdown when I needed it most. It

felt very refreshing to push the boundaries of my thinking and challenge my practice
by working with Rosie.”

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