Online Exhibition- Gabriel Hyra

Published on: April 1, 2021

May 6, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – May 30, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Gabriel hyra, is a young visual artist and Brazilian jeweler, “bicha” (brasiliam sissy queer) who works on dissident sex issues and criticizes the current anthropocentric reality in its policies of intimacy and relationship.

The artist’s research focuses on the practices of affirming difference and multiple ways of living in the face of hegemonic identities and their logic of domination. He uses writing, the arts and especially contemporary jewelry for this. for being a little explored field in Brazil.

For the artist, gender dissent and gender disobedience create new policies of intimacy and relationship with herself or with the other that partly break the capitalist dystopia that operates the Latin American political dynamics

For her, art in short is a way of responding and conserving life within a paradigm of deprivation and frustration of real wants and needs.

In the work “crossing practices”, the artist occupies the void of the possibilities of incorporating dissident and singular ways of operating the world. and find new forces that will make it through the end of time once again. subverting objects of colonial power was a symbolic form found by the artist to break the limits of malaise established by them.

Building new languages, being aware of the body’s powers in its inevitable production of connections, giving birth to new organs to see new horizons and breaking the pact with death are represented in wearable objects, marked by the struggle of the gesture with the chosen material. Transformed into wearable technology for incorporations through the production of memory. in a fight against forgetting that a sustainable relationship between our desire and our constituent forces is possible.

Whiteness and its relationship with necropolitics is also self-critical. In the sense that our identities do not end our possibilities as a subject and his desiring relationships. It is about reconstituting our identity by disabling its paralyzing affects.


photo portrait : Zadô Luz. (him / his ). instagram : @ladolixo.tatu


Piece 1- It is necessary to be aware of the powers of the body as the only thing we have in hand. pair of earrings in a woven, dyed, sewn and hand painted mesh envelope.


Piece 2- it takes new organs to see new things. To have eyes that look beyond horizons to problems and solutions. made of silicone, and hyper-realistic paint with two eyes sculpted in wax, made of brass by the lost wax process


Piece 3- New languages are needed to handle new realities. Based on the idea of a drawn vocabulary, which could account for non-binary sentences. how to say two contradictory things at the same time. Carved in wax and made of brass by the lost wax process.


Piece 4- It is necessary to make and remake. The “bichalidade” pact. This work makes a historical arc to a fact of the history of Brazil. which describes recurrent colonization practices in the “new world”. he starts with the condemnation and execution of the indigenous Tupinambá (name that designates indigenous tribes of the coast at the time) called Tibira. condemned to die by Portuguese in the mouth of a cannon in 1614 due to his homosexuality. This ring bears as a symbol the same cannon used, but broken by the hands of a contemporary queer, as a way of building a refusal and making violence unusable as a practice that also operates modern relations.

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