Online Exhibition- FGB

Published on: March 2, 2021

June 3, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – June 27, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Photo by Kristi @campbellphotography


FGB is a man on a mission. That mission is to brighten up the streets and make you smile. Bold lines and bright colours create his distinctive style.

The tools at his disposal; paste ups, stickers, spray paints and stencils which are all used to bring his creations to life.

Those creations? Well; sometimes a googley-eyed character, sometimes a comment on what is happening in his home city or further afield, his work will always transport you from where you are to the world inside his head. 

Spread the love.


This exhibition is a collection of works old and new that I feel best represents my style and the methods I work with.


All items will be available at https://fgb.bigcartel.com from 6pm on Thursday 3rd of June


Covid is Over– This piece came about when the news of another lockdown was being introduced this year. I wanted to portray the message that if we all stayed home we might get out of this sooner rather than later. A take on the John and Yoko ‘War is Over’ piece.

Monotony – Upon hearing the news that another historic city centre building was to become hotel I created this piece. As with the other gentrification pieces, these paste-ups use humour to raise awareness of a more serious issue.

Gordon the Loafer -Watching the gentrification of the Cathedral Quarter over the years, this piece came about after making a joke about how not only all the bars were becoming identical, but the customers also. It’s only funny cuz it’s true.

Spread the Love – This is the classic paste up from 2015. An idea popped into my head fully formed. and I could see straight away how it would look. This is the one piece most people mention when speaking to me. I’ve even been introduced to someone once as ‘Spread the Love’. It really struck a chord with people.

Take no Shit– A new piece created during lockdown. Recently a lot of my work has been taking on a more simplified form. I’ve coupled this with a quote that I love and my usual bright style.

Rubik’s head– Another new piece from lockdown. I had seen a lot of people talking about the effect the various lockdown was having on their mental health. This piece represents the puzzle that trying to stay sane is, and how much of a struggle it can be to look after your mental health.

Love deck– I’ve loved skateboarding since I was a kid and I grew up copying the graphics of the decks I skated when I was younger. I always wanted to have my own graphic on a pro deck (that hasn’t happened yet) I thought a deck would be the perfect canvas to create a piece in honour to my love of skating.

Look after your Peanut –  I found this piece of wood when I moved into my studio at Vault Artist Studios and started painting it one day, loosely based around the idea of being open about how you are feeling about your mental health. I had no real plan for this piece apart from the rough character sketch so I let this piece come together as I worked on it.

Fire Escape –  Pretty straightforward here. I found this door and straight away knew I wanted to paint it. The neon sticker on the door just drew me to it. I played around with the idea of a character on this but stripped it right back to just a simple hand.

Cote D’Absurd  – Another charity-shop-find repainting. I love finding these paintings and transforming them to the world inside my head. With these paintings I’ll usually buy them and see what direction they take me. I enjoy mixing the fine painting details with my bold colours and solid outlines

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