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Published on: August 27, 2020

September 3, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – September 28, 2020 @ 8:00 pm

Due to the venue being closed can we not have our regular exhibitions in The Green Room, instead our exhibitions will be moved online.

During the lockdown, the staff of the Black Box have unleashed their creativity to make some  pieces of work and we want to share them with you!


I am an illustrator working predominantly in traditional watercolours but recently have been adding some digital elements to my work also. These paintings were created in lockdown and during this time of gazing out of windows or relishing a brief walk in the park, I found a new appreciation of nature. The natural world became a great source of comfort for me and to many others. Reduced human mobility brought the natural world into sharper focus. I found myself reflecting on our relationship with nature and how human activity affects wildlife. I see our futures as being intertwined and interdependent and that’s what these pieces try to show as the human aspects become immersed in plants, trees and fungi. It would be wonderful if through this period of crisis we could recognise the importance of reigning in our expansive lifestyles and rediscover the need of a healthy environment for our own well-being and the future of the planet. My work resides predominately in the natural world and is an endless source of inspiration to me. 
I sell prints of all of these pieces and have an online shop and portfolio where they can be purchased. 
Instagram: @alpineayita 
-Work in progress-

The impact of recent months of isolation and shielding has affected my mental wellbeing. Reflecting on the past has been a big factor

My practice explores relationships, nostalgia and the fragility of them but also photography as an object. Photographs of past memories have haunted me. These images almost manifest into a modern haunting of the past. I have had the desire to physically manipulate these photographs to heal and come to terms that these once happy memories are now tainted and distorted even though the photographs show something different.

Doing this has helped release these emotions in a creative outlet while making something strangely beautiful and haunting.


Email: [email protected]

Website: https://hollyjay2001.wixsite.com/hfoskettphotography




Isabella is a Belfast-based painter and illustrator, with pieces spanning a variety of mediums from canvas and vinyl to digital. Her work is focused primarily on female portraiture, inspired by the subversion of drag, classic cinema, and iconic queer comrades.

Instagram: @isabella.anna.k

Website: www.isabella-anna-k.com

The People’s Champion of Alternative Milk

Don’t Look Up





I love drawing and found more time to do so during lockdown. Often I’m a doodler of random patterns, so it’s good to try and draw an actual person or… I was going to say thing, but they’re all … birds…! I bought myself some lovely colouring pencils and sat at my bedroom desk, drawing while Zooming folks.
I drew Georgie Ramone for his lockdown birthday. He’s a sideshow, circus, and burlesque artist who has performed many times in the Black Box.
I drew John Mahood for HIS lockdown birthday. He’s a magician who has also performed a lot in the Black Box. They both own these pictures now, of course. I did mean to print a few of John’s out, for people to colour in… I still could, though people might get them all soggy, tryna disinfect them…
I seem to have been rather obsessed with birds during lockdown. Perhaps I was envying them their freedom, as I watched them soaring around. I drew real birds and weird birds.
I am grateful to the many children who have made stories with Fighting Words NI. They allowed me to rediscover the joy of drawing, by quickly illustrating their freshly written stories, before they had to get their bus back to school from Skainos.  Some of my drawings are on the website- https://www.fightingwords.co.uk/
Instagram: @romymckeeverart/
Seonaid is ‘Outreach Officer’ for The Moon Base Projects.She is a Community Musician, Saxophonist and Pianist. She also loves painting for fun and bright colours!
‘Everything has cracks, that’s how the light gets in.’
This piece is based on the lampshade in my living room which I am looking at a lot at the minute! And the shadows that it creates on the ceiling. I have also made a short playlist for people to listen to while viewing the painting, they are some tunes I was listening to while creating my painting! ‘Everything has cracks, that’s how the light gets in.’  is a line from ‘Anthem’ by Leonard Cohen that was part of my inspiration for the painting

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