NISF: Rohin Francis – Human Body: Design Disaster

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NISF: Rohin Francis – Human Body: Design Disaster.


17 February, 2023


8PM - 9PM



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Our bodies can do a lot. But they are also spectacularly daft. From nerves that seem to get lost on their way to their destination, pointless pockets of tissue that are hell-bent on doing us harm, and spines that suggest walking on two legs could well have been our worst decision to date.

Cardiologist and comedian Dr Rohin Francis will explore just some of the myriad ways there’s nothing Intelligent about our Design.


Dr Rohin Francis is a British cardiologist, writer, comedian, vlogger and YouTube creator. He has a passion for science communication and education and is known for his YouTube channel Medlife Crisis, which covers science topics.

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