MOM: Richard Dawson ‘The Hermit’ – Film Screening

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MOM: Richard Dawson ‘The Hermit’ – Film Screening.


23 November, 2022


Film Commences at 6.30PM



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Richard Dawson ‘The Hermit’ Film Screening

In celebration of Richard Dawson’s new release ‘The Ruby Cord’ – the third and final part of his ambitious trilogy – MoM is delighted to host an intimate screening of the album’s central track, ‘The Hermit’.

Shot by Bristol-based director James Hankins (BEAK>, Tim Heidecker, James Yorkston), The Hermit is an epic, gently disorienting pop video for Richard Dawson’s 41min track of the same name. Starting from the song’s main conceit–an alternate universe as seen by someone waking in the forest of a constructed video game domain–disparate figures are shown in situations by turns mundane, educational, industrial and fantastical, blurring lines between realities virtual and actual. Dawson plays the loner protagonist, observing on the margins. Is it the past, or a near-future resembling mythic Albion? What happens if there’s a glitch in the virtual world, turning a pastoral scene into one of dread? Are we witnessing the end of days, or an unsettlingly close simulation?

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