Outburst: Lesbians Are Touching Mohair Berets

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Visual Arts

Outburst: Lesbians Are Touching Mohair Berets.


11 November, 2022


Event starts at 7.15PM



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duration: 20mins

age guidance 16+

How can fabrics be intertwined with ideologies and ways of thinking?

Alka Nauman’s research started from the discovery that the founder of Futurism and active supporter of Italian fascism, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, had an obsession with touching sensual fabrics. The connection between fascism and lukewarm textiles reminded her of the mohair beret, which in Poland is worn by elderly women who identify with the Catholic far-right.

Mohair beret – fluffy, delicate, lukewarm, funny, soft, sensual, in a way very queer. It is a reminder of home, ambiguity, and of violence.

Lesbians Are Touching Mohair Berets is a short performance by Alka that tries to intercept the mohair beret in an anti-fascist, erotic gesture and use it to talk about her experience of living as a lesbian woman in Poland.

Alka Nauman is a queer interdisciplinary artist who works across dance, visual arts and theatre. She creates performances, installations, videos and dance protests. In her practice she is interested in the use of the absurd, humour, excess and daily grotesques as strategies in the fight against the patriarchal-fascistheteromatrix. She lives and works between London and Warsaw.

Concept, choreography, performance, editing Alka Nauman

Photos Mendel Grossman, Reginald Kenneg, Julien Bryan,

Stef Rassalski, Josephine Tomaszewska

Video Thomas Rafa, Michal Szymanderski-Pastryl, Uwaga Babcia Gotuje, Alka Nauman

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