Exhibition – SelfMade

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Visual Arts

Exhibition – SelfMade.


24 March, 2022





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What is SelfMade? 

SelfMade began as a portrait project in 2018, between artist and music enthusiast, Joanna Bain, and musician and label founder, Julie Hawk (HAVVK / Veta Records). Since its launch, it’s grown into a platform to explore DIY music in Ireland through events, discussion, art and performance. With a strong focus on women in music, SelfMade centres around putting artist voices first, opening up about the realities of running a music project and enabling artists to learn from one another’s shared experiences and challenges. “Music can be such a competitive and fickle industry and it’s easy to feel like you have to hold your cards close to your chest. SelfMade offers a safe space to celebrate the hard work being done by artists – the parts of the job that often go uncredited and that can impact detrimentally on their progress and mental health. We aren’t solely a visual project, but portraits have always been an important part of SelfMade – a way to invite people to connect with the musicians we host and to remind everyone that this is about listening to their stories.”   SelfMade Mission Statement: Our goal is to celebrate the work of DIY musicians and to create a supportive space to explore the realities of getting a music project or career off the ground by:

  • Providing a platform for independent musicians to learn, skill-share, and express their experiences.
  • Creating opportunities for networking, community connections, collaboration, and exposure.
  • Taking affirmative action to highlight and correct the underrepresentation of women in music.

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