Exhibition – Lindsey Power @ The Green Room

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Visual Arts

Exhibition – Lindsey Power @ The Green Room.


1 September, 2022


Exhibition Launch at 6:00pm



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Lindsey Power is an English-born artist who has resided in Ireland for over 20 years. Working from her garden studio, she is currently making a series of abstract paintings based on the geology, biodiversity and landscape features of The Burren. Her work is full of gestural, raw, bold and imposing marks that create a sense of immediacy and chaos.
The work is about the things often overlooked within the dramatic landscape such as fossils, rocks, plant and sea life. These are studied forensically and abstracted further. The wild shapes and the variety of colour is viewed by Lindsey as a form of nature’s own graffiti, overcoming the boundaries of its limestone habitat.
The work often begins with photography to gather information for explorative charcoal sketches on paper, or directly onto the canvas.
The paintings are made using acrylic, oil, graphite, ink, marker, pastels and spray paint in experimental ways. Lindsey builds line, form and colour, creating balance or deliberate imbalance with fluid rhythmic motions and frantic linework that often involves boring in marks heavily using her entire body.

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