CQAF: Patti Smith – Electric Poet (Film Screening)


CQAF: Patti Smith – Electric Poet (Film Screening).


8 January, 2023


Doors open at 1.30PM



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Dirs. Anne Cutaia, Sophie Peyrard / France / 2022 / 54 mins

Landing in New York upon the ashes of post-hippie culture, twenty-year-old Patti Smith, will upset all the existing codes: cliché rock’n’roll, the overly prosaic poetry, the perpetually elitist culture, and the restrictive idea of gender.

During her fifty-year career, with only one commercial hit, she achieved the feat of becoming a living legend without ever leaving the fringes of society. A punk at heart, she positions art as a political force and freedom as a necessity.

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