In The Bad Books. Vol 2

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In The Bad Books. Vol 2.


21 January, 2024


Doors 18.30 Event start 19.00



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In the Bad Books – S.E.X. edition

Welcome to another edition of In The Bad Books – the evening that celebrates the worst of the printed word from the best among us – celebrities.

For this one, we’re bringing Sexy (paper)back – as we lustily grapple with some of the bluest purple prose ever committed to the page.

Exhibit A: Shire Hell by Rachel Johnson

“As he nibbles and pulls with his mouth, his hands find my bush, and with light fingers he flutters about there, as if he is a moth caught inside a lampshade. Almost screaming after five agonizingly pleasurable minutes, I make a grab, to put him, now angrily slapping against both our bellies, inside, but he holds both my arms down, and puts his tongue to my core, like a cat lapping up a dish of cream so as not to miss a single drop.”

The prosecution rests, m’lud…

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