Artist Takeover- Gabriel Hyra

By The Black Box
Due to the venue being temporarily closed, not only can we not have amazing shows & events but we are also unable to have our regular exhibitions in The Green Room. In response, we have moved our exhibitions online and will feature each monthly artist on our website and social media including an Instagram takeover on our account (@theblackboxbelfast)

Exhibition details here-

This May we have been so thrilled to have Gabriel Hyra

Gabriel hyra, is a young visual artist and Brazilian jeweler, “bicha” (brasiliam sissy queer) who works on dissident sex issues and criticizes the current anthropocentric reality in its policies of intimacy and relationship.

The artist’s research focuses on the practices of affirming difference and multiple ways of living in the face of hegemonic identities and their logic of domination. He uses writing, the arts and especially contemporary jewelry for this. for being a little explored field in Brazil.

Thank you, Gabriel, for being one of our online exhibiting artists and sharing your beautiful work with us. And here is a mini-interview/blog from them!


What is your background?

I graduated at the age of 18 from an industrial apprenticeship course in serial process jewelry.
currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in plastic arts at the guignard school. among other formations co-related between fashion, art and jewelry.

Are there key themes in your work?

kuir latinidades, genre, sexuality, latin america, politics of intimacy, suffering and cognitive capitalism. revolutions and art-politics, contemporary jewelry, bichalidade, mixed media, lgbttqia +.

What are they, how do you explore them?

they are themes that form me and form my context. I explore them by exploring myself and the relationship they have with my desire in motion. and how they compose me as a subject, and how much they are all impregnated in my creative gestures.

How has your practice developed or changed over time?

I have noticed something that is repeated in everything I do. the idea of difference, identity, affective relationships and intimacies and suffering in society. Before, I worked in a collective of artists, where I used makeup and photo performance to express myself. today I recover jewelry as an expression. but it is all about embodiments and expanded experiences of the body.

What work or process do you most enjoy doing?

the part of talking about them with people, before or after done.

Who or what are your biggest influences?

people around me, my memories, and the politics over me. I have direct references Julia Panades, Ana Medietta, Regina José Galindo.

Did you have any response to your work that was particularly memorable or not what you expected?

three times, I had the chance to share my process and my work entirely with people. I can’t say their names. and who ended up taking the course of their lives towards art from the encounter with me.

What is the best advice you have received?

we are what we are capable of.
that we did everything we could every day of our lives.
and that our common cause is Earth.


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